18. Teachertreffen am 04.01.2020

Name Gruppe / Verein Tanz: Video
Frank Montana Black Bears Setzt aus  
Inge Owls on Rail If You´re Gonna Be Bad Video
Steffi The Ousted Linedancer Hold Me Video
Rosi Dancing with Friends Lonely Blues Video
Walter Line Dance Hürth Playboys WINNER Video
Biene Dizzy Dancers Mayen / Crazy Liners Treis-Karden Bobby With An I WINNER Video
Marianne White Eagles Adalaida Video
Rolf Greenhorns Frankfurt Me And Bobby McGee Video
Silke Dancing Boots Cologne Locklin´s Bar Video
Anja Jacky Dancer Safe Heaven WINNER Video
Maike   Waves Of Love Video
Jeff Lahn River Line Dancer / Happy-go-Lucky Dancer Leun Half Past Tipsy WINNER Video
Andrea Tin Lizzies Celtic Duo Video
Arne Easy Sliders Old Time Fiddle Video
Angela Burning Creek My Little Throwback Video
Marina Rebels in Line / Funshine Liners Messed Up In Memphis Video
Melli Longfield Linedancer Setzt aus